Wind Turbine Noise Problems

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Wind Turbine Noise Problems

Wind power is one of the most popular forms of renewable energy. The industry is increasing by thirty percent per year as more and more wind farms are being built around Europe and other places in the world.

However, they have proven considerably controversial in certain areas more than others. They do not generate a great deal of electricity and greater numbers of them are required – spanning over an enormous area of land to make an adequate impact on the huge demand for energy.

Unfortunately, wind turbine noise problems have been holding the progress of the technology back.

Although they are entirely clean in their production of energy and produce absolutely no pollution at all, they are noisy and can be damaging to the local environment. This is because they generate a great deal of noise, especially when they are particularly active. They are also considered to be unsightly and most people do not want wind farms located near their homes.

Wind turbines may also be located out at sea which lowers their environmental impact. Unfortunately, this is often not practical or even possible. Newer technology is starting to address the noise problem of wind turbines but it is still a major issue that is causing a great deal of controversy and reports have shown that the problem is still quite serious and can even have an adverse impact on wildlife living in the area of the turbines.

It is also believed that a number of health problems can arise from the certain low frequency noises which come from the turbines. Two recent studies in the United Kingdom attempted to prove this but have been dismissed by the advocates of the technology who say there is no solid evidence to back these claims.

In certain cases, the noise generated by these turbines can be heard as far as three kilometers away.

However, it is been found that rotors with three blades generally produced less noise than those with two blades. Nonetheless, many people are still absolutely convinced that the problem is far from being solved and the noise produced is still far from satisfactory.

Another problem caused by these wind turbines is the damage they can potentially cause to the local inhabitants. They are a danger to birds which can fly into them and die and due to the huge amount of space they take up, large tracts of land need to be completely given over to them essentially expelling the local wildlife population to a large extent.

With many other forms of renewable energy available, some may find it surprising that this industry in particular is continuing to grow at such a large rate.

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