What Are Wind Farms?

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What Are Wind Farms?

There are many different forms of renewable energy available today and one of the fastest growing sub industries is that of wind power which is growing approximately thirty percent per year.

Wind power works by converting the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity. Rather than having large power stations like many of the traditional methods, this kind of renewable energy comes from wind farms.

Unfortunately, there are a number of disadvantages associated with this kind of renewable energy. The problems generally comes down to one thing, that a single windmill does not produce a useful amount of electricity for today’s high demand.

This is why enormous tracts of land need to be given over to having dozens and dozens of these turbines set up in a “farm”.

These farms are usually located in large open spaces of rolling plains where there is a high amount of wind. They may also be placed out at sea where they tend to have less of an impact on local environment.

However, in spite of being a thoroughly clean form of energy production, they have a number of other disadvantages.

They can be severely detrimental to local wildlife populations due to a number of factors such as the noise that they produce and the large area of land they require. They also a danger to birds which risk flying into them and they have been a number of reports which suggest that the noise generated by them can have a number of adverse affects on health.

There are not too many people who want to have a wind farm near them and this is not only due to the noise they generate, but they also very unsightly and can be seen and heard from several miles away in some cases.

Offshore wind farms tend to be more effective and practical and have minimal impact on the local environment. These are particularly popular in Denmark where they have been constructed in a number of places and provide a considerable amount of electricity to Copenhagen and other places.

Current research is also looking into the possibility of airborne wind turbines. These would basically be suspended in the air without having to be fixed to the ground by a tower. Instead, they would be kept in the air by vehicles such as aerostats. The biggest disadvantage to these is, however, the risk of lightning storms.

Wind farms have actually been in use in many places for decades, but this old technology is not as efficient or friendly to local animals and birds.

As the push for green energy increases, the technology for wind turbines will increase also and someday you may find wind farms being replaced by more efficient systems that have less of an impact on the local wildlife and resources.

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