The Invention Of Wind Cubes Could Be The Answer To Commercial Power Usage

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The Invention Of Wind Cubes Could Be The Answer To Commercial Power Usage

A unique wind turbine has been designed just for industrial and commercial power users that are in an urban location called the WindCube.

Depending on the amount of usage that is needed, wind cubes can be installed one at a time or as a pair. One single wind cube can generate up to 60kW of power and the dual wind cubes can generate 120kW.

A good majority of the energy being generated in the wind industry today is by using the natural free stream wind. The difference with the wind cube is that it catches the wind and then amplifies it, which then will produce more kilowatt-hours than the units currently on the market.

Wind becomes very concentrated when it comes into contact with the WindCube shroud thus producing an increased velocity, which creates more power. Due to space issues in urban settings, the WindCube was specially designed to produce energy in a small area. By creating a unit that will amplify the natural wind speed and which has a very small footprint, this design has the greatest amount of output in the wind industry.

Wind cubes are designed for the large power users and are intended for use on urban roofs. If the roof cannot accommodate the wind cubes they can also be mounted on a tower nearby.

To conserve space, wind cubes can be stacked on top of one another and will automatically turn to get the best angle for wind collection. You also have the option of installing screens on these units to prevent birds from flying into them by mistake.

Some of the units are designed so that the blade helps to increase the torque, or turning force for spinning a generator. The shroud will protrude in front of the blades about 3 feet. Then the shroud will narrow down towards the blade, which will speed the air velocity.

The turbine can begin to generate some power with wind speeds of only 5 mph however, by the time the wind comes in contact with the blades it is actually moving much faster due to the design of the cube.

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